VFX and CG Demo Reel

This video is a highlight of all of my personal visual effects projects, each clip had a production life-cycle of its own, from planning through to completion. In working on these projects I used my existing skills, and also introduced myself to a variety of new techniques and software’s.

Disciplines displayed are: Filming, Photogrammetry, Matchmoving, 3D modelling, Animation, Rigging, Texturing, FX, Lighting, Compositing and Editing. It has always been my intention to have a solid grounding in all aspects of production, so completing every aspect of these well-rounded projects was a great learning experience.

Software used: 3dsmax, PF Track, Agisoft, Nuke, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro. 3dsmax, photoshop and premiere pro have always been my go-to software for 3D modelling, animation, texturing and editing, but with the complexity of these projects, new skills had to be learned. Nuke in particular surprised me with its versatility, it was invaluable not only in compositing, but also in the preparation and pre-production of the footage. I have found that I adore node-based systems, they appeal to both my visual and logical sides, and their non-linear/ non-destructive nature is an absolute must.

The greatest challenge throughout this project would have to be the matchmoving, especially when using poor quality recording equipment. Rolling shutter and lens distortion became the bane of my existence for several months. Patience and practice always find a way however, and I am proud of the results that I managed to achieve.

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