“Three Thing Game” Spring 2018

My second gamejam, organised by University of Hull. The three random words that we needed to incorporate into our game were “Angry”, “Rolling” and “Drake”. Whilst all three interpretations of “Drake” would have been entertaining (Singer, Duck, Dragon), we decided to use the duck. I worked with the same team as before, but this time we had an extra member for 5-6h, who helped with the initial project management, and introduced agile development practices into our workflow. The usage of a KanBan board really helped organise the process.

Similarly to last time, I worked on all aspects of development (code, art, planning, unity), but there were some role changes as this was a 3D game, and the rest of the team was now more familiar with Unity. The artist focused on the storyboard, UI elements and textures, and the programmer took more Unity responsibility, so that I could spend more time working on the 3D assets. In the end it paid off, as we won first place again!

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