Born in 1992, I have spent half of my life living and studying in Spain (definitely not being raised by wolves), and the other half in the UK. Fascinated with the creative potential of emerging technologies such as IOT and Mixed Reality turning imagination into reality. I have past professional experience as a Scuba diver, IT technician3D artist, and Graphic designer.

Currently working as a software developer at VISR-VR while studying Computer Science for Game Dev at the University of Hull, where I was awarded a “Best Certificate Academic Performance 2017-18”  and became a public representative of the TeamGB Partnership.

Outside of my work and degree, I have helped my teams win two University 3TG Gamejams and the local NASA SpaceApps 2018 Hackathon, taught several workshops in my capacity as Unity Student Ambassador, and took part in the worlds first mixed reality accelerator, developing Hololens solutions alongside industry professionals for real international companies.

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