Born in 1992, I have spent half of my life living and studying in Spain, and the other half in the UK. I am fascinated with the use of computers to turn imagination into reality, and I want to be at the forefront of that creative technology. I believe that IOT and Mixed Reality are the future. I have previously worked as a Scuba diver, IT technician3D modeller, and Graphic designer.

I am currently working part-time as a freelancer and studying Computer Science for Game Development at the University of Hull, where I have been awarded the “Best Certificate Academic Performance 2017-18” from the School of Engineering and Computer Science. Outside of my degree, I have taken part in and won the last two 3TG GamJams, and the local NASAspaceapps2018 hackathon. I have also taught workshops in my capacity as Unity Student Ambassador, and have developed Mixed-Reality Hololens solutions for real companies alongside industry professionals such as VISR VR and LearningMate.

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