Fault Tree Analysis

Coursework for “Software Project based learning”

In the second semester of the first year “advanced programming” stream, our coursework was a group project. As our lecturers created and currently maintain an important Fault Tree Analysis software (http://www.hip-hops.eu/) it was only fitting that we attempt to imitate their program.

This fault tree analysis project was a good second half to the first year of learning programming. While the first project weaned me in with visual elements, this one was pure programming and logic. We implemented several algorithms to search the XML tree structure, such as MOCUS and MICSUP.

We all worked partly on all aspects, but my main contribution was in the GUI, research and unit testing. The unit tests were an especially important part of the project, as constant and effective testing was a key marking criteria. Before “weighting” the marks, our group received 93% for this project, but after applying individual weights for contribution, my grade for this module was 100%.

The following video was captured and narrated by a team-member, not myself.

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