C# and Monogame – Integrating “Fizzyo” apparatus

Coursework for “Programming Paradigms”

In the first semester of the first year, our coursework was to develop a game using C# and the monogame libraries. This game was to use the physiotherapy tool “Fizzyo” (https://fizzyo.github.io/) as an input device, and help children through therapy in a fun way that still promoted good breathing practices.

Being a breathing apparatus, my first thought was obvious: Dragon. And that’s what I ended up doing. Coding the game was a completely new experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, and it was the perfect initial learning project for somebody as visual as me. We were marked almost entirely on our coding practices, and whether we had made good use of Object Oriented Programming principles such as: inheritance, interfaces, encapsulation, and polymorphism. Thankfully I did manage to get a first for this coursework, and below is the video I had to hand in along with the code. (This was my first time recording myself, and I did it badly, please lower your speakers to below 15%.)


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